Welcome to Eagle Eye Drama

Eagle Eye creates bespoke British drama made with the very best talents, both on and off screen, from around the world. Utilising in depth knowledge of the global market, Eagle Eye specialise in adapting hit international series for English speaking audiences. We also adapt books, both well known and hidden gems and are currently working up a number of original scripted series. Our established reputation for spotting the world’s best stories and story tellers, coupled with our unrivalled first hand knowledge of the best programme makers from around the globe means our scripted series are distinctive premium brands, combining the highest production
values with a unique look and feel.

Our Shows


Quentin Blake’s Clown is a half-hour animation that brings to life the adventures of a little toy clown, who has been thrown away. On Christmas Eve Clown goes on an exciting journey to find a new home for himself and his friends.

Narrated by :
Helena Bohanm Carter

There can be no better actor to narrate this festive animation than Helena Bonham Carter whom The Telegraph described as having a voice “as rich and boozy as a Christmas pudding”.

Given life by :
Helena Bohanm Carter

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