Inspired by a book of the same name (and one of its author’s favourite creations), Quentin Blake’s Clown is a half-hour animation that brings to life the adventures of a little toy clown, who has been thrown away with a group of fellow toys by an owner who has outgrown them. Clown has been dearly loved for many years in childhood and he has just enough magic left in him to set out and try to find a new home for himself and his friends. His journey takes him through the helter-skelter streets of the City, dodging scary dogs and even scarier adults; he even finds himself mistaken for a child and performs at a school Christmas assembly.

Each time Clown thinks he might just have found a perfect new owner, and his hopes start to rise, he gets thrown away again… and again. At last, he finds a child who will accept him, for all his imperfections, and together as night falls on Christmas Eve, they set out to rescue his toy friends. Back in his new home, Clown helps the children to get the flat ready for Christmas. Their mother returns for a happy and festive finale. You see toys do come to life when children love them!

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